Weed enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of the THC lineup homologues hitting the market should now keep an eye out for another new one – THC-JD, also referred to as “THCjd”.

This cannabinoid was only recently discovered, but those people who have already had the opportunity to try it have given it a lot of praise. In fact, there is more to this amazingly powerful cannabinoid.

How Strong is THC-JD?

One thing we do know is that THC-JD has eight carbon chains compared to THC’s five. As we’ve learned from other THC variants, this extra side chain means it forms a stronger bond with the CB1 receptor. Each time this happens, the drive becomes more intense. Thus, THC-JD is said to be 19 times more potent than Delta-9 THC and 25 times more potent than Delta-8 THC. You may have heard that THC-P is 33 times more potent than THC, which makes us think it is the most powerful cannabinoid.

However, despite the “how many times stronger?” question science tells us more. THC-JD has the highest amount of carbon side chains of any known cannabinoid, leading us to believe that it is the absolute most potent cannabinoid. It is important to note that these statements have not been verified by a lab and remain purely humorous at this time.

Effects and Benefits of THC-JD

Users report that this new cannabinoid is very similar to regular THC, but stronger. So, if you normally smoke a THC vape pen and feel happy, hungry and sleepy, then let’s assume you will be happier, hungrier and sleepier with THC-JD. But keep in mind that these are not the only effects, and taking too much of any psychoactive cannabinoid can have many nasty side effects. Overzealousness can cause paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and loss of coordination.

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Other users report that it is more like an indica than a sativa, meaning it has a “couch” effect. However, others claim it is energizing and improves mood. The truth is that all cannabis affects people differently, and without more research, we’re only getting to know THC-JD now.

What are THC-JD’s Non-Psychoactive Effects?

Moving on to the potential therapeutic uses of THC-JD, we must mention once again that no researches have been done on this cannabinoid because it was only discovered in 2020. Keep in mind that cannabis researchers these days are busy with many and many cannabinoids to study for therapeutic use.

CBD and THC are still top priorities when it comes to research as they are the most widely available and popular. Studies on the effects of THCjd will appear in the future, but they simply do not exist yet.

Because of this, we don’t know what THC-JD can do for things like physical discomfort, inflammation, sleep, immunity, mood, nausea, etc. We know that it is a natural cannabinoid that tells us that it really works, with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), like other cannabinoids, to regulate various functions throughout the body that promote homeostasis.

Is THC-JD Legal?

The Farm Act of 2018 legalized hemp, allowing the sale and distribution of products made from industrial hemp. Hemp is high in CBD and the Farm Act has led to an explosion of CBD products in the new market. Other cannabinoids soon followed, some of which are even uplifting. That’s where we stand with THC-JD. It’s a cannabinoid that definitely gets you high, so is it legal? Yes and no at the same time. It depends where it came from.

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THC-JD extracted from marijuana will only be legal for sale through dispensaries in states where the weed is legal. If extracted from hemp, it meets a legal loophole. There is only one condition – the entire product cannot contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

Will THC-jd Fail A Drug Test?

As a general rule, any time you encounter a cannabinoid with “THC” in its name, you should assume that it puts you at risk of failing a drug test. Why? Because all THC-based cannabinoids are metabolized by an enzyme called THC-COOH, which standard drug tests try to detect in a person’s urine. Because THCJD is particularly potent, there is good reason to believe that there is actually a greater chance of failing a drug test after taking this cannabinoid than after taking delta-9 THC.

THC-JD Dosage and Dosing Guide

As we learn more about THC-JD, we will have much more specific dosage recommendations. What we can say is that because the cannabinoid is so strong, you don’t want to take as many milligrams in one sitting as a milder cannabinoid like delta-8. Because THCJD is so strong, doses seem small, but that’s because of how strong the compound is.

However, by comparing the effectiveness of THCjd with other cannabinoids, we can offer a general idea of how much you should be taking, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, regardless of the type of product that is available above:

  • Beginners THC-JD dosing: 1mg-3mg
  •  Intermediate THC-JD Users dosing: 3mg-5mg
  • Advanced THC-JD Users dosing: 5mg-10mg

Delta 9 THC vs THC-JD

In short, THC-JD is about 30 times stronger than Delta 9 THC. This means that the effects are extremely strong and most products that use THC-JD contain only small amounts of THCJD. Delta 9 is strong, however THC-jd is on a whole new level.

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Where can I find THC-JD Products?

Because it is new, THC-JD is just starting to hit the market. Like other new cannabinoids, it is mainly found in vape pens, chewing gums, and infused joints. Dimo Hemp is an expert in mixing cannabinoids to create the perfect combination of effects. They offer a THC-JD vape cartridge or a disposable pen mixed with THC-B and THC-H to get you in the mood. This is a great place to start, and, what is more, Dimo Hemp shares all of his lab results so you can be sure you see what you get.

In the meantime, we will wait for future THC-JD updates and look forward to all new discoveries as we continue to research cannabinoids.


As you probably already understood, a new heavy hitter is entering the market, which threatens to overthrow all other options for THC products, since it has not a hefty power of a psychoactive component.

Stoners can rejoice, and lovers of traditional smoke can slowly take a closer look. Do not forget to consult your doctor before your experiments, of course!


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Greetings, dear reader! My name is Cas. I live in Holland and work in the production of organic compounds. Here I will talk about my life and work. Also about the history of chemistry, the history of discoveries of syntheses of some chemical compounds and other interesting things.

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Greetings, dear reader!
My name is Cas.
I live in Holland and work in the production of organic compounds. Here I will talk about my life and work. Also about the history of chemistry, the history of discoveries of syntheses of some chemical compounds and other interesting things.

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