THC Distillate

Have you ever heard of THC distillate or cannabis distillate? You may even have heard that this concentrated THC is simply referred to as “liquid gold”. In any case, if you have yet to explore the world of concentrated cannabinoids, you are in for a treat with THC in its distilled form. Cannabis distillate is effective at removing plant matter, which provides several benefits. So what is THC distillate? We invite you to read below.

What is THC distillate?

THC distillate is a highly purified form of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) derived from cannabis. The product itself looks like a thick oil that can be clear to amber. Distillation removes everything from plant lipids to terpenes, and because each cannabinoid evaporates at a different temperature, manufacturers can easily manipulate the process to get just one cannabinoid. THC distillate is a distilled oil containing only THC. For this reason, THC distillate is a potent concentrate, sometimes as pure as 97 percent THC or higher.

What is distillate weed?

Weed distillate is often used as a colloquial term for THC distillate. More formally, however, cannabis distillate is just a phrase to describe any distillate derived from cannabis. This distillate may contain mostly THC, but the distillation process may have also focused on other cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD). So if you find a product labeled “cannabis distillate”, be sure to look at the cannabinoid concentration of the product to determine what type of distillate you actually have.

How to Make THC Distillate

Basically, distillates from cannabis are subjected to technical distillation on special equipment. The distillation process involves heating the crude oil extracted from the cannabis until it evaporates and then trapping those vapors and the cannabinoids in those vapors. The beauty of distillation lies in the absolute purity of the final product; the end result can be a translucent, viscous material with nearly 100 percent THC.

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Can you make cannabis distillate at home?

As simple as it may sound to make cannabis distillate on your own, the process can get highly technical. Many cannabis processors use high-tech, expensive equipment to complete the process, which is not something the average person has access to at home. Plus, separating the trichome from the plant during the initial extraction process often requires the use of solvents like ethanol or butane. Therefore, without using the proper techniques and equipment, you run the risk of having a cannabis distillate product that is contaminated with residual solvents you don’t want to consume.

How to Use THC Distillate

THC distillate is not for the inexperienced cannabis user. The high potency of the product is unmatched by most other concentrates, meaning you will experience a more intense effect with much less product. While this is a cautionary tale, this attribute is one of the reasons why people prefer distillate over other cannabis concentrates. In fact, they can get a much more intense level of effects without having to use a significant amount of THC distillate. In addition, the oil can be used in several ways.

Can you smoke distillate THC?

You can vaporize the THC distillate and inhale the vapors. In fact, it is one of the most preferred ways to consume. However, to smoke distillate, you will need either an e-nail or a dub rig. Some vaporizers or vape pens can also be used to vaporize the distillate, as long as they reach the appropriate temperature to vaporize the thick concentrate. In fact, many pre-filled cannabis carts are made from cannabis distillate or live resin. You can also add a drop of distillate to a cannabis flower to boost the THC content of your smoke when using a pipe or bong.

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Can you eat THC distillate?

You can ingest THC distillate. In fact, distillate is a popular ingredient in a lot of commercially available cannabis edibles. It takes so little of the product to infuse an edible that the flavor is not affected, and a regular recipe does not have to be manipulated much to get a consistent end result. For example, if using THC distillate to make a batch of THC brownies, the tiny amount of distillate you would mix into the batter wouldn’t have a negative impact on the consistency of the batter, the smell of the brownies, or even the flavor . Sublingual dosing is also possible—just be sure to use the tiniest amount, so you don’t overdo it.

Can you use distillate THC topically?

Cannabis distillate can be used topically, but the oil can be so thick that it can be difficult to absorb or apply to the skin. For this reason, most people choose to mix a small amount of distillate with another topical product such as a skin thinning lotion or oil.

Experience High-Quality Distillate THC at Silver Therapeutics

Since you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates, distillate THC can certainly pique your curiosity. Just make sure you choose a high quality product that has been properly manufactured and tested. Be sure to check out our collection of cannabis concentrates at Silver Therapeutics including distillates and let us know if you need a little advice on how to use them.


The information in this article and any images or diagrams included are for educational purposes only. This information does not replace or replace professional legal or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about laws, regulations, or your health, you should always consult with an attorney, physician, or other licensed professional.

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Greetings, dear reader!
My name is Cas.
I live in Holland and work in the production of organic compounds. Here I will talk about my life and work. Also about the history of chemistry, the history of discoveries of syntheses of some chemical compounds and other interesting things.

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