How to make consumable THC without the smell

Cooking with cannabis has become an increasingly popular way to infuse culinary delights with the benefits of this versatile plant. From delectable brownies to savory dishes, cannabis can elevate the dining experience to new heights. However, for those who live in areas where the legality of cannabis consumption is still a concern, the pungent aroma of cooking with cannabis can present a challenge. The unmistakable smell can draw unwanted attention and potentially create uncomfortable situations. In this article, we explore some effective ways to conceal the distinctive scent of cannabis when cooking, ensuring you can savor your creations with peace of mind and discretion.

Optimize Your Cannabis Usage

When it comes to cooking with cannabis, one effective way to diminish the lingering smell in your kitchen is to use less weed during the cooking process. It may sound simple, but the impact can be significant. The more weed you use at a time, the more pronounced the odor becomes. Regardless of the strain’s pungency, reducing the quantity will help minimize the scent.

Although this may pose a minor inconvenience if you’re planning to whip up a large batch of cookies, brownies, or other cannabis-infused delights, fear not! There are alternative solutions to explore. Embrace the idea of making smaller batches of your favorite sweet treats, and you’ll still enjoy the benefits of cannabis without turning your home into a marijuana dispensary in terms of fragrance.

By utilizing this easy-to-follow rule, you’ll not only reduce the noticeable smell but also save on your precious stash. Remember, moderation is the key to both a more discreet culinary experience and a more sustainable cannabis lifestyle.

Explore New Flavors While Concealing the Aroma

For those passionate about cooking and spending time in the kitchen, why not broaden your culinary horizons while also concealing the distinct smell of pot brownies? While marijuana carries a potent aroma, there are countless other ingredients that can be used to your advantage.

Consider experimenting with recipes that incorporate onions, garlic, fish, tofu, or cheeses. These strong scents may not completely mask the smell of weed, but they will certainly transform the olfactory landscape enough to make it less noticeable to others.

Alternatively, if you have already prepared all the dishes you desire, you can resort to using various scents to camouflage the smell of weed. Lighting incense sticks, using air fresheners, or kindling a fragrant candle are all viable options.

While the scent of marijuana may still seep through the other fragrances, it will be better disguised, making it less likely for others to immediately discern your activities. This way, you can continue enjoying your culinary adventures and discreetly indulge in your passion for pot brownies without drawing unwanted attention.

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Embrace the Convenience of Concentrates for Your Edibles

When it comes to creating edibles, concentrates offer a fascinating alternative. Gone are the days of decarbing weed and filling your kitchen with that unmistakable aroma; instead, concentrates come prepped and ready to use, emitting minimal odor in comparison to traditional bud.

If your heart is set on baking brownies, consider using cannabis oil, a hassle-free option that allows for precise dosing. Inconsistency and difficulty in dosing can be common concerns with edibles, but with cannabis oil, you can rest assured that the potency will remain consistent, giving you the freedom to make them as potent or mild as you desire.

The world of concentrates offers a diverse array of options, providing you with the flexibility to choose whichever suits your culinary needs best. You can even decarboxylate shatter and infuse it into butter, creating cannabutter that emits far less fragrance than its traditional counterpart.

Use a DecarBox

Imagine being able to decarb your weed and create your own cannabutter without the overwhelming smell that usually accompanies the process. Well, with the innovative DecarBox, this dream becomes a reality. Crafted from food-grade silicone, this nifty gadget traps the cooking cannabis odor, allowing you to cook comfortably in your own kitchen without disturbing anyone else or letting the scent escape beyond your culinary domain.

The DecarBox boasts a spacious interior capable of holding up to two ounces of weed, giving you the ability to decarboxylate a significant amount at once. Plus, it features an integrated thermometer that guarantees flawless results every time. No more worries about overcooking your precious weed or failing to reach the ideal temperature.

Prioritize Kitchen Ventilation

Maintaining proper ventilation in your kitchen is crucial when cooking with cannabis to prevent the distinctive aroma from permeating your home. Here are some specific tips to keep your kitchen well-ventilated and minimize the smell of cannabis:

  1. Use a Fan or Exhaust System: Turn on your kitchen’s exhaust fan or range hood while cooking with cannabis. This will help pull the cannabis odor and smoke away from the cooking area and vent it outside.
  2. Open Windows and Doors: Whenever possible, open windows and doors to create cross-ventilation and allow fresh air to circulate, helping to disperse the cannabis scent.
  3. Use a Portable Air Purifier: Consider using a portable air purifier with a HEPA filter in the kitchen. It will help capture and eliminate any lingering odors.
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While this does spread the smell outside somewhat, it also means that your home is less likely to smell like weed for ages afterward.

Choose Your Cooking Time Wisely

If you find yourself in a household where cannabis isn’t widely embraced, or you share your living space with roommates who aren’t on the same wavelength, consider a simple yet effective solution: plan your cannabis cooking sessions for those moments when you have the house all to yourself. By waiting until everyone else has stepped out, you grant yourself the freedom to experiment with even the most aromatic strains without any concerns about inconveniencing anyone.

This approach isn’t solely for those with skeptical parents; it’s also ideal for responsible parents who wish to indulge in cannabis-infused creations while ensuring their kids are unaffected. By strategically timing your cooking adventures, you can craft a culinary experience that leaves no trace of the cannabis scent lingering by the time your loved ones return.

For added assurance, employ air fresheners strategically as the aroma gradually fades. This simple step can go a long way in maintaining discretion and ensuring your cooking escapades remain a personal delight.

Sous-Vide or Mason Jar Method

If you’re eager to create cannabis-infused delights without the overwhelming aroma, consider two clever techniques: the sous-vide method and the mason jar approach.

  1. Sous-Vide Technique: Utilizing a sous-vide device allows you to craft cannabis-infused oil with minimal odor. This ingenious method involves sealing the weed in a vacuum-sealed bag and boiling it at a controlled temperature. The result is a virtually scentless cooking process. If you’re fortunate enough to own a sous-vide device, this method is a game-changer for discreet and smell-free cannabis cooking.
  2. Mason Jar Magic: For those seeking an alternative low-smell option, the mason jar technique is a fantastic choice. Simply seal the cannabis in a mason jar before making cannabutter. This method significantly reduces the release of cannabis odors during the infusion process, making it ideal for apartment dwellers or anyone concerned about lingering smells.

While both methods ensure a nearly odorless cooking experience, it’s important to note that there may still be some faint scent during the process. However, rest assured that it won’t permeate your home, and any lingering aroma can be easily managed and eliminated after you’ve completed your culinary venture.

Employ the Damp Towel Trick

If you’re seeking a classic stoner hack to curtail the spread of cannabis aroma, look no further than the tried-and-true method of placing a damp towel under your kitchen door.

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This age-old trick serves as a simple makeshift draught excluder, ensuring that odors stay confined within the kitchen. By preventing the smell from escaping, you reduce the likelihood of it permeating the rest of your home. It’s worth noting that while this method isn’t foolproof and won’t completely eliminate the scent, it offers a cost-effective, speedy, and hassle-free solution—especially when you don’t have other options readily available.

Cannabis With Less Smell

While all cannabis strains have a distinct aroma, some strains are known to be less pungent or have milder smells than others. Here are a few strains that are often described as having less smell:

  • Northern Lights: Northern Lights is a classic indica strain known for its relaxing effects and mild aroma. It emits a sweet and earthy scent that is not as overpowering as some other strains.
  • Harlequin: Harlequin is a high-CBD strain with a balanced CBD-to-THC ratio. It has a more herbal and subtle fragrance compared to some more aromatic strains.
  • Cannatonic: Another high-CBD strain, Cannatonic, is famous for its low psychoactivity and calming effects. Its scent is often described as earthy and slightly citrusy.
  • ACDC: ACDC is a strain with very high CBD content and minimal THC. It has a sweet and woody aroma with hints of citrus.
  • Sweet and Fruity Strains: Some strains with sweet or fruity profiles tend to have less pungent smells. Examples include Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, and Cherry Pie.
  • Charlotte’s Web: Charlotte’s Web is a hemp-derived strain with extremely low THC content and high CBD levels. It’s known for its minimal scent and is often used for its medicinal properties.

It’s important to note that scent perception can vary from person to person, and the growing conditions and curing process can also influence a strain’s smell. Additionally, as more strains are developed and bred, there may be new options available with less pronounced aromas.


Managing the smell of cannabis is achievable through various strategies that cater to different situations and preferences. Whether you’re cooking, consuming, or storing cannabis, there are steps you can take to minimize the distinctive aroma associated with it.

For cooking with cannabis, using extracts or concentrates, practicing proper ventilation, and employing odor-masking ingredients can help create a more discreet culinary experience. Decarboxylating cannabis beforehand can also contribute to reducing the smell during cooking.

When using cannabis in general, vaporization, edibles, and low-odor strains offer alternatives to traditional smoking that produce less noticeable scents. Proper storage in airtight containers, the use of odor-absorbing devices, and outdoor or well-ventilated consumption areas can further mitigate the smell.


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Greetings, dear reader!
My name is Cas.
I live in Holland and work in the production of organic compounds. Here I will talk about my life and work. Also about the history of chemistry, the history of discoveries of syntheses of some chemical compounds and other interesting things.

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